About Russian Overtones

Russian Overtones was founded by mother and daughter in an attempt to bring the classical Eastern European music education to America. Both classically trained in Russia since the age of 4, their entire lives have consisted of performing, teaching and competing in the musical world. While teaching in the United States, their students have won All-State awards every year,Temple Heinats Monetary Award Competition, ADMTA Solo Contest Winners, Pearl Amster Concerto Competition and many others.

Most importantly, our students have received highest ratings from Trinity London College Examinations, the Exhibition Monetary Award winners. The Trinity program allows to receive up to a full semester of college credit for Liberal and Fine Arts elective classes in college, along with setting up our students with the best gift: real musical professional awareness and deep understanding.

The teachers of Russian Overtones have a combined teaching experience of over 70 years. Their formal education originated in the classical teaching methods of Eastern Europe, which spawned such composers as Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff. The goal of Russian Overtones is to share this unique teaching method which has proven successful for generations.

We provide fun and professional training, the roots of which lie in the Russian-European tradition of playing musical instruments and visual and performing arts.

The Russian style of teaching music and art is unique because it pays specific attention to fundamental knowledge and skills. Russian Overtones combines tradition and hard work of the East European teachings with the fun and creative learning techniques of the West. Our specialty is the ability to customize the training based on the students' ambitions. This allows the student to develop and achieve the highest goals.

Programs & Lessons

Piano Master’s program

Limited availability

This program is geared toward professional music performance


  • Competitions (Austin District Music Teacher’s Association, ADMTA), Trinity International Competition, Heinatz* Monitory awards, Ella Louise Burba, Shedler, Janet Russell
  • Exams, which allow to earn full semester of College credit for Liberal and Fine Art’s subjects
  • Recitals, which are fun
  • Festivals, which allow to play fun popular music
  • Duet/Duo or Concerto Playing
  • Theory, which will provide complete musical literacy and complete the education of a well rounded professionally trained musician.
Note: Due to the high demands of this program, an audition and a commitment to everyday practice required

Music Protégé program

Ages: 4 to 18

This program is designed to both provide our students with professional musicianship skills and fun music education experience


  • Festivals of National Federation Music Clubs (NFMC) The District festival takes place in February and determines the State Festival participants. Students earn points to receive Gold cups
  • Duet playing
  • Recitals (Two recitals per year) allow the students blossom, performing for their friends and family. This is a fun and festive time for everyone
  • Trinity College Exams are available. The passing grade level depends on student’s effort and practicing ethics

Theory and Music Exploration

Ages: 6 to Adult

This program encompasses the theoretical knowledge about music as a science and ultimately teaches the students how music works.

The classes are group lessons, which provide musical literacy, composition and improvisation skills as well as musical history.

The class is one hour long. It has a written and practical component. In the written part of the class students learn the complete musical language (alphabet, grammar and etc. in musical terms.) In the practical part of class, the students get to hear a lot of different styles of music, play various instruments, exploring which instrument fits them best and learn a great deal about composers, music writing and even compose their own music.

Our Students

  • All State winners status at the State Festivals (University of San Marcos, TX ) yearly
  • Receive the highest marks, taking Trinity, London College of Music Exams yearly
  • Exhibition Monetary Award Winners, 2011
  • Annually our students play concerto movements and perform those with great professionalism.

Competition Winners

Pearl Amster Concerto Competition, Honorable Mention Award, Austin, TX 2006 Winner of Temple Heinats Monetary Award Competition, Austin, TX 2010, 2011 ADMTA Solo Contest Winners, 2012, 2013